Granola for Grandparents…

Family involvement into youth programs is always important and can be challenging at times. Parents are working long hours, kids are doing extracurricular activities, supper needs to hit the table, bath time, bed time, and back to the grind again. We wanted to think of a way to make it easier and then it hit us. How can we change it up and what about the Grandparents? Below may look just like a table with food and drinks but to us it is something more. Quality time with Grandparents, Moms, and Dads can be tough but doesn’t have to be. We had specific times for Grandparents to come in and have breakfast with their grandson or granddaughter and see Summer Camp. We called it Granola For Grandparents. It was a huge hit! Our other days were  Muffins For Moms and Donuts For Dads. Give it a try, especially if you want parent involvement and relationships to grow!

You can also spice it up, and instead of food, invite Grandparents to come in and play BINGO or play a game Kickball or 4 Square.

The best thing about all of this? It involves no Cell Phones, TV, Video Games, or Computers. Good ol fashion breakfast or fun! Boom Shaka Laka!


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