Contact List! Everyone Knows Someone!

When I was a kid I remember when we would have special guests that would come to school and how excited I would get. It didn’t have to be someone famous, just a new face to come talk to us was all I needed. Even if my teacher was awesome, I still loved to hear from someone new. As adults we are geared the same way, a new voice is always nice! One time in elementary school, this guy came and talked to us about Yo Yo’s and did all these cool tricks like “Walk The Dog”. I thought he was Michael Jordan after he left. I immediately wanted to buy a Duncan Yo Yo!

Image result for duncan yo yo

So take us to 2017. We are always on our phones and social media. As we started to do some goal setting for Summer 2017, we decided to set a goal of having at least one special guest each week to camp. We have done Police, Fire, EMS, and we still wanted them back, but we can take it to the next level. So when you go into your phone, you have a contact list or when you go on Facebook you have tons of friends that are connected to other people. If you take 30 minutes and pause and think, you can come up with some fun special guests just by the people in your network!We have tons of staff, and tons of staff know people.

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It doesn’t have to be someone famous, just someone that can come talk to the kids and make camp even more exciting that day. Santa Impersonators, Dairy Cow Mobile Education, College Football Players, High School Athletes/Coaches, Local Artists, Science Teachers, Photographers, and so many other cool people that would come if you just ask! We really feel that this takes camp and your youth programs to the next level and as a staff member it makes the day go by even smoother because you have free programming! This idea has done well and has pushed us to add this into other programs we do during the year. Many of our special guests had no idea what we did at camp and want to come back again! I will add to the Resource Zone and put under programming our Contact List Sheet.



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