Sandals Resort At The Pool!

In the Summer kids and staff love the pool. It is also a place that can get really routine and boring after a week or so. We decided to step up the experience and add Pink Flamingos to the mix on Friday. We called it Flamingo Friday and the kids could participate in Relay Races and also just hang out in them. It was pretty cool to see a small change that was very cost effective make people smile and add some more energy to pool time. The Flamingos also look really cool from the road as you drive by and we have had some fun questions from people in the community, asking “What are the Flamingos about?!” Great way to market the program and provide some excitement.

On my honeymoon I was able to go to Sandals Antigua and had the best time. I loved the concept of all inclusive and just feeling like I was the most important person everyday. Shout out to Sandals Resorts, we loved them so much, we went back again to Sandals St. Lucia! I love to add fun experiences and moments that I have experienced and try to put them into our programs. I want kids to feel that excitement and fun that I had! We had Sandals Day at the pool the other week and it was awesome. Kids were coming into the pool jamming out to the music, staff were like we get snacks, and the lifeguards that help us were able to get treats as well. All you need to create Sandals day at the pool is Fruit Punch, Cups, Cooler with ice, Bananas and Blueberries, Plastic Knives, Toothpicks, and Paper Plates. Any fruit can work, we just had to serve over 400 kids and staff so this was the cheapest and easiest. This cost about $60! We also had a block rocker (portable stereo) playing Spotify Steel Drum Playlists. It made it feel like we were in the Caribbean!


My Top 5 activities you can add to the pool are…

  1. Splash/Dive Contests with staff judges!
  2. Water Polo (Use a volleyball or softer ball)
  3. Snorkeling (Buy some small nets, plastic shapes/things for kids to find, goggles)
  4. Olympic Week (Camp Swim Meet/Relays, Dive Contest, anything else you want them to compete in, make it fun for the week.)
  5. Across The Ocean in the deep end. Tagger treading in the middle, kids dive in and swim across.

The pool doesn’t have to be a place you do the same thing everyday. Be creative and make the experience fun and different for your kids and staff!



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