Not Your Ordinary Yard Sign!

One day I was driving home from work and I saw a yard sign promoting a new neighborhood being built. I am not sure why it hit me but I said to myself, “how cool would that be if kids could have their own sign for doing something awesome!” I talked with some folks and they helped me create a cool yard sign for kids that win camper of the week. We started it at our Track Out program and then used it for Summer Day Camp. It was a huge success, and other YMCA’s decided to use these signs as well. If you have a larger camp or program you can pass more than one sign out. If you live in an apartment you can still utilize these signs and put the sign in your apartment window. It’s a simple idea, and very inexpensive to do. One of my favorite things that the yard sign does is market your program in that neighborhood and sparks conversation with other neighbors about the program your child goes too. Word of mouth builds programs!



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