Confetti, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift!

There are many things that make a great staff training but I will start with three of my favorite things! Confetti, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. It doesn’t have to be just for Staff Training it can be for a birthday party, Young Life/ Club Celebration, or just something you want to do to make a meeting fun. 

When I lead a staff training I like to have a signature thing that people will get excited about. Confetti is that thing! My favorite place for confetti is Party City and you can find confetti cannons for about $6.99. These cannons are loud and spray the confetti everywhere! Well worth the money. I always pair up confetti to a certain song and it has been Taylor Swift’s song 22. The song came out a few years ago and it was a song that was fun, the staff knew and loved and it was clean and appropriate song that kids would love. Fast forward to 2017 and this song with confetti has turned into a tradition that I think people associate my staff trainings with. I am working on getting this trade marked, just kidding! Justin Bieber is also someone that I love and not really scared to admit. Yes I am aware he went crazy but the early years of Justin Bieber have great songs for youth programs and staff trainings! This Summer we had a small break in our staff training and I played this song. We had about 130 people from 16-40 years old singing this song even after I had to cut it off and begin the next part of the training. Staff and kids just love this song! I know you do too, you just have to admit it and that’s the first step! I have a link and DJ Playlist resource page on the website for more fun songs to play at any youth program! It’s an ongoing list that I keep updating so check that out! My challenge to you is to create your trademark, and turn a normal training or meeting into a fun and hype experience for all involved. Just remember we will be going to meetings/trainings our whole life so make it memorable or prepare to hit the snooze button. The picture below is our kickoff to 2017 Summer Staff Training. Glow sticks, confetti, staff facilitating the experience with me on stage, and ofcourse Taylor Swift!

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