The Starfish Devotion

Harry S Truman once said “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”

I first started working with youth in the Spring of 1999 and I remember having to think about coming up with fun devotions that kids would enjoy. One of the first devotions that I ever heard at the YMCA was “The Starfish Devotion” and I just fell in love with how this devotion was simple and kids could learn or apply something to their own life after hearing it. Joe Peele one of my first Supervisors and now Executive Director of the Robinhood Road Family YMCA in Winstom Salem, NC loved to use this devotion. He would always explain to staff that devotions never get old, and not to over think it. A positive message like this never gets old and can be used year after year. So it’s now 2017 and I heard at a staff meeting one day someone using this devotion and how sometimes we think we shouldn’t do that devotion or activity because everyone has done that before. Once you get out of that mindset and remember that staff come and go, you can’t take for granted everyone knows what you are thinking or doing. So at that meeting several people have never heard it before because when the meeting was over, they said how awesome that devotion was and that they were going to pass it along. The best ideas or resources are things that people may have shared with you before. Share and learn from each other! This devotion is listed in the Resource Zone so take it and share with a friend or at a youth program!


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