Rainy Day? Get Out The Cups!

What do you do when it rains? Get out the cups! Honestly this simple contest is one of my favorites because it involves little to no supplies, the kids/staff love it, and I get to play DJ! What is cup stacking? If you google this, you will see that this is SERIOUS business and an actual competition. My cup stacking contest is a little different so I wanted to share with you! This is something you can do as an ice breaker, contest, team building, and honestly just to have fun. I would put this in my Top 10 list because you can get a room of 100 plus people really excited if you get it hype. I will say hype in numerous posts, hype is basically people getting loud, having fun, and having the time of their life. Pick two teams of about 4-5 people and have them battle each other. If someone loses they join the large crowd and support their team. The winner stays on. The last person standing is the winner and earns 1 point for their team. You can pick multiple teams and make this last for a long time if you keep the crowd engaged with music, making games worth more than 1 point. My favorite is the counselors vs kids match up, this always gets hype as kids as young as 5 can knock out a counselor and the crowd will go crazy! I like to add REMIX to games, and make it harder or just different to watch. We added in two PVC pipe soccer goals or smaller indoor soccer goals for the kids to weave their hands in and out of. This is really hard and the participants love the challenge! Last but not least, add some hype music like Darude – Sandstorm or Europe – The Final Countdown to make the room really loud. Check the resource zone on the website for this contest, and you can print off and use with your participants or team! Get it HYPE!

cup stack 2.png

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