Y Cards!

I was at the 2015 YMCA Program Expo at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California and came across The Kentucky YMCA Youth Association. Derek Summerville, the Director of Outreach and Innovation, had an awesome display of Y Cards. I immediately fell in love with the concept because they were simple and easy to use. I also love ideas that are easy to explain to staff and participants. Y Cards are designed to help you use the games, songs, cheers, and challenges you know and love as intentional and meaningful pieces of your programming. They have the name of the game, song, cheer, and challenges on the front and the explanation on the back. I have used these mainly at a staff training or breakout session with staff so they can have hands on learning! I have also used these as an icebreaker at a staff meeting. You can honestly use these Y Cards anywhere, and they are really a great tool to add into your program! I will also include this on our resource zone!

If you would like to order their cards or learn more, check them out at http://www.kyymca.org/ycards/

Y Cards

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