Across The Room!

Image result for bruno mars dancing james corden

One of my favorite ice breakers to facilitate at a group interview is “Across The Room!” It can really get people to break out of their shell and just be creative. Sometimes I will see things on TV or Social Media and it can inspire an idea such as “Across The Room”.  If you have never seen James Corden do carpool karaoke please check it out on YouTube! I love how he can get any celebrity in his car and just have fun with each other by singing and dancing. I love to see people just let loose and have fun. In “Across The Room” I like to have everyone on one side of the room and explain to them that they can’t cross to the other side unless they do some kind of movement. I start by keeping it simple, and show them how I walk backwards. Once that move is done, you can’t use that again. It forces the group to be creative and come up with different movements or dances to get to the other side. I also set the rules where you can use a partner and do a dance or movement together. The best and most important part to this game, is only 1 person or partner group can go at a time to the other side. I love to see this happen as well because it forces the group to think on their feet and learn teamwork. I usually facilitate this during a group interview so I can see some of these things right at the beginning because if you are working with youth, you need a fun personality. Working with any age group, they want and respond to FUN. It is not just for group interviews, this game can also be an ice breaker to do as well! Remember when you facilitate this game, include fun music! You can check out the DJ Playlist on the website to get some ideas that can be appropriate depending on your audience! Have fun, life is too short!

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