Change In A Car Tag!



“This is how we have always done it!” Now that’s a philosophy that’s easy to get caught up in! Change can be difficult. If we set goals that are too lofty, we may never attempt it. (Whether that be because it’s too expensive or because the logistics become confusing.) But, setting attainable goals is important. Change in important.

Our YMCA program had a goal before Summer began: we wanted to make our Rides In/Out carpool more efficient.  The carpool line easily got backed up and the experience of drop off and pick up wasn’t fun or fast… for anyone involved!

In the past, we used cards that would lie flat on the dashboard. This strategy worked, but it was slow. (Our staff would have to go right up to the car and look down onto the dashboard, to read the child’s name.) I noticed one of our nearby schools was able to expedite their carpool process and it donned on me (ideas don’t have to be mind blowing, nor our own, to work). It was a simple fix; change the cards’ location! Hang the cards from the rear view mirror, like I saw at the school. The experience of picking up would become more enjoyable and efficient for children, parents and staff.

How would did it work? This small change has worked very well this Summer! In fact, we are looking to carry this change over, later this school year, at some of our other programs.

Meredith and our marketing department helped me put the idea into action and then Docusource made our original cards. When we shared our idea with Docusource (they have been super to work with), they easily changed our cards to hanging tags.

You can customize the back of the hanging tag and include information such as…

  1. Safety tips (refraining from cell phone use, not pulling around other cars in line, etc.).
  2. Morning drop off instructions (times, directions for arriving at certain times, etc.).
  3. Afternoon pick up instructions (times, directions for arriving at certain times, etc.).
  4. Your program phone number.

So, nothing mind blowing. Nothing someone else had not already thought of..but the willingness to change provided us a great opportunity for success! For questions please email,!

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