You Are A Superhero!


I have attended the Campfire Conference at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, in Black Mountain, NC, several times. It is a wonderful conference and they have another one planned in January, 2018. You can follow the Conference on Social Media or

I first heard the Connecticut Camp Guys speak at this conference a few years ago, and they had some awesome ideas! One in particular stood out to me and I was ready to use as soon as I got home! My staff knows a game or icebreaker is coming as soon as I am given a chance to entertain a large group of people. (It is also, now, a standard game for our New Staff Orientation in the Summer.)

If you haven’t heard of these guys, check them out at! They taught me  “You Are A Superhero.” During the middle of their keynote speech (about being a camp counselor) they introduced the game/icebreaker, in which we were told we would be able to play with people of any age group. I have used this game with elementary children, but I have used this an icebreaker with adults.

Select three volunteers will to act as “Wonderwoman, Superman, and Batman.” “Wonderwoman, Superman, and Batman” will say and act out simple sayings and  movements to the crowd: Wonderwoman will put her hands on her hips and will make a swinging rope sound. Superman will put both hands on his hips and say, “Duhh Duhh Dun Uhh.” Batman will put one finger from each hand on the back of his head and say “I am Batman”, in a deep voice. The crowd should repeat each saying and action, mimicking the superheros.

Provide an example for the crowd: the facilitator will select two of the volunteers (between Wonderwoman, Superman and Batman) to step up. They must stand back to back. The facilitator will count to three, and then the two superheros will jump to face each other, each doing one of the Superheros’ sayings/actions! When partners match: we call that “Super Powers!” (Feel free to utilize this in groups of 4, groups of 8, or even circling the entire crowd!)

“You are a Superhero” is a simple, interactive game or ice breaker I love to use any chance I get! You can find “You Are A Superhero” in the Resource Zone. Thanks again Connecticut Camp Guys!


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