Balance Act!


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In the Resource Zone, I have a list of contests. Balance Act, or Balance Contest, is one of the first contests that I saw, when I was a counselor. It is a great contest (or ice breaker) do with any age group! I also love it because you really don’t need any supplies and can do it anywhere.

What is Balance Act? Basically, this is just a contest to see who can balance the longest. As the facilitator, you will need to call up 4 or 5 participants. Start by letting them know the simple rules: 1. You can’t switch feet  2. Once your foot touches the ground, you are out. I let the participants know that I will playing music to make the contest even more fun…but also tricky, as fast paced music will be playing loudly! First round: participants stand on one foot…until the facilitator names the next movement. You can choose any movements, the goal is to make it harder.

Additional movements for subsequent rounds

  1. Arms Out
  2. Close Eyes
  3. Hands Above Your Head
  4. Hands On Your Head
  5. Tongue Out
  6. Cycle Back Again

I move the winners on to the championship round. I really hype this up for the participants. I let the participants choose an intro song for them to walk out to. (Note: If you have bean bags, that can make this fun too but you don’t need them.) If you have bean bags, let them balance these on their heads while they do each round. If not, let the participants do the rounds again and if the contest drags on for a long time, give them a boundary (if they hop out of the boundary they are out). The winner gets to be recognized in front of everyone! I like to award a free trip to the water fountain as the prize! If you have prizes, award the winner something fun!

If you have an idea you want to share, please submit them to me at and I will include them in the resource zone!

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