The Big Roll!

Image result for plastic baby pool

It’s hot outside! One time during a “Code Red” day, we were inside for most of the week and this contest came by accident. We were moving some things off the stage and a yoga ball got loose! The ball rolled towards the baby pool, flipped in, and almost stayed in. All of the kids went crazy, and that’s when the light bulb went off! We have a new contest to do with the kids!

The Big Roll is basically the facilitator picking participants to stay behind a cone or poly spot and roll a yoga ball towards an empty baby pool. The ball must stay inside the baby pool to get 1 point! You can play multiple rounds, and have rounds worth more than 1 point. This will give the teams a chance to win and compete in the championship round. You definitely want to play fun music during the rounds and this will get the participants excited. The music also make the participants playing a little nervous!

Contests are fun to do with any age group. This is also fun to do as an icebreaker, and you can have participants roll the ball from longer distances depending on the age of your audience! Check out the resource zone to learn more about these contests and other fun ideas!

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