Principal Dodgeball?

School is starting back and that means campers have the opportunity to be talking, at lunch or recess, about something awesome that happened during camp! Everyone in youth programs loves a good game of dodgeball! Staff, kids….and principals?! Well, at Summer Camp, we wanted to create an activity that campers or staff would never forget. Isn’t that what youth programs are for?

During the middle of Summer Camp we facilitated a huge game of dodgeball! We invited the principals of the local schools we serve, to play with our staff against the campers. The campers couldn’t believe that we had the principals playing a game of dodgeball! The kids even said, “Wait, why don’t they have dress clothes on?” It was exciting to have the campers see their principals having fun, and also having the chance to hit one of our staff or principals with a dodgeball. I never had that opportunity as a child, so I was pretty jealous!

Dream big at your programs! I get some of my ideas from just sitting still and reflecting back on my childhood. Never forget that you were a kid once, and some of things you did a long time ago, would be awesome to do again. I added some more dodgeball games and ideas to the Resource Zone, go check them out!

Principals vs Campers Dodgeball

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