Rainy Day? No Problem!

We had a huge storm come through our area this afternoon! When you work with youth, rainy days can be stressful. It doesn’t need to be. One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day, is BINGO! Yes! You heard correctly, BINGO! It is easy to do, keeps everyone quiet, you can play multiple rounds, and everyone is participating.

BINGO is old school. I love old school. Sometimes we overthink our programming, and the simple games or ideas can be the best. I also love to get the parents of these youth involved; encourage them to park and come on in, to play a round with their child! Parent involvement is essential to a quality youth program.

If you are working with youth in an after school or summer camp setting, try BINGO once a month, for the kids and parents. Fun prizes stimulate engagement and participation! One idea I borrowed from the State Fair: prizes that are clearly visible are enticing. I remember being a child and saying, “I want that! I want to win that!” Everyone loves to win a prize! Also, theme your BINGO game…beach bingo, anyone? Kids can sit on beach towels, in baby pools, or on surf or boogie boards while playing! If you are working with older youth, BINGO still works, just be creative with engagement and have fun, age appropriate prizes.

Check out the resource zone to see some more ideas that you can use on rainy days!


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