Wheelbarrow For Kids?

Honor Camper was something we always had at camp. We recognized campers with a special bead and celebrated them in front of everyone during afternoon assembly. Nick Spindler one of the Directors I worked with, had a ninja bead. This was a special bead because it was only passed out a few times during the Summer. Lauren Casey, another Director I worked with decided it was time to spice things up a little bit, and add the wheelbarrow! Now a wheelbarrow is usually used for moving dirt, leaves, or sticks. At Summer Camp and in Youth Programs, a wheel barrow can become something very special!

When the camper’s ride was called, Lauren thought it would be really cool for the camper to be pushed out in the wheelbarrow to their car. Nick loved the idea as well, and they bought a cheap grey wheel barrow on Amazon, and painted it gold. Lauren is super crafty, so she painted and decorated it. They also decided to have all the campers sign their name in a sharpie on the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow was always kept on display right inside the front door, so everyone could see it as they walked by each day. Lauren and Nick thought it would be a big hit, but had no idea how much fun the campers and staff would have with it! Campers would hop in the wheelbarrow, and the parents of the campers faces would light up when they saw them being escorted in it. Even our middle school campers who won honor camper wanted a ride in the wheelbarrow. Other campers would beg to get a ride in it, but we would always tell them that they had to earn it. Our staff loved this as well. Counselors would ask to be the one to wheel out their camper if they had earned Honor Camper.It was a simple idea that took camp tradition to a new level. Camper Incentives are a great thing to add to a Youth Program. Well done Nick and Lauren!

Thanks for the email and submission Nick Spindler! Twitter: @nspindler


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