Llama Llama Red Pajama!

Image result for llama llama red pajama

Creativity and having fun in youth programs is important. At our All Staff Training this past week, I talked about how you can take almost anything and make it fun. Sometimes we over think things, and the new ideas just stay in our head, and never make it out. We are really trying to keep our programs innovative and fun. I am a visual person, and I learn best this way. Change the way you present and teach your staff. Attention spans are short, and think about how can you make an impression that the staff can use when they leave!

Ludacris went on a radio show, and the DJ decided to have him rap through a children’s book called Llama Llama Red Pajama. Most interviews just involve question and answer, but this DJ decided to take it to another level and make it creative and fun! I would have never thought that a children’s book could be used as something more than just a book. Take a look at this video, hopefully it inspires you or juts puts a smile on your face today. In the resource zone, I have some contests and fun ideas to make your youth programs stay on fire! Check it out and thanks for stopping by!

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