The Sandlot S’mores

I was at a meeting this Summer, and David Muela who is a Director with the Chatham County YMCA,  shared an awesome community builder/devotion with our group to get us started. If you know anything about this website, you will see that most of the ideas I have are stolen. So credit to David, because this devotion was fantastic, and I will be presenting this to a group soon!

He started the devotion by having all the s’mores items on the table under a paper towel. We then watched the movie clip to see what we were about to work on. He gave us instructions on how to make the s’more step by step. Even though everyone in the room has made a s’more before, it was very interesting to see people do different things or go their own way after he gave instructions. When everyone was done making their s’more he talked about how we are all called to lead our teams everyday, sometimes with tasks we think are simple. It’s good to communicate clearly, and lay out the expectations so your team knows what they are doing. Sometimes, simple things still need to be communicated because you never know who hasn’t heard the message or remember parts of the message. A great question to ask your group is “Has this ever happened to you, and what would you do differently when you explained something you thought was simple?”

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