Homecoming Week

When I was in High School, I always enjoyed Homecoming Week! I missed homecoming week so much, that I decided to implement this with my kids in our after school programs and summer day camps. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear mismatch socks or dress up like someone from the 80’s?

The easiest way to incorporate Homecoming Week into your after school or summer day camp program is to basically take ideas you had when you were younger to talking with your staff about how they want to incorporate this theme in. Some of my favorite things outside of the dress up themes, were Powder Puff Football, Float Building, and Junior Olympics. At the end of the week, I tally up the points to determine what age group is the winner. Points are distributed by what age group dresses up the best and wins the most activities. The winner will be announced at the end of the week, during the Pep Rally!

Powder Puff Football: Girl campers play flag football and the guy counselors are the coaches and referees. Great way for all the girls to have fun together.

Float Building: Campers compete for spirit points. Each age group, will decorate a cardboard box and make it creative with the theme you choose. The homecoming theme could be Disney, and each grade level decides on what they want to do with their counselors help. EX. Finding Nemo themed box, and then they will have a parade in the gym or hallway to show it off at the end of the week.

Junior Olympics: Campers will compete in fun and messy relays by their age groups. Relays like dizzy bat, egg on a spoon, pie in the face, etc…

The goal of this week, is to build unity with their age groups/huddles and their counselors. They work all week on earning spirit points, and the winner is announced in front of everyone at the pep rally. The prize I have done, is a special snack for the age group! Homecoming week can work for elementary, middle, and even teen programs! This week will hopefully make your typical week different and fun for all of your staff and kids. Now go relive homecoming week!

This is my Senior Year! Class of 99!


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