Trunk or Treat!


I love Trunk or Treat! I didn’t invent this name or idea, just heard about it and have been doing this event since the early 2000’s. One of the main reasons I created this website was for people to steal and share ideas. Please read this post and feel free to take these ideas to your upcoming event or apply to your Summer Camp Theme weeks for 2018. There is nothing better than putting on a costume and celebrating in July!

If you are unfamiliar with Trunk or Treat, it is basically a safe way for families to trick or treat. Trunks of cars and tailgates of trucks are decorated in a parking lot for families to walk around and trick or treat from! I like to do Trunk or Treat before Halloween, so families that want to Trick or Treat in their neighborhood will have that option, and kids get to wear their costume more than once! Since I have been doing this event for a long time, it’s a great way to add new things into the event or carry on traditions. I have included my top 5 activities below…

*Greasy Pumpkin Race – You will need baby oil to put all over the pumpkins, trash bags to wear over your costumes, and cones to mark the starting and finish line! Basically you can get pumpkins of all sizes for different age groups and they have to carry the pumpkin to the finish line without dropping the pumpkin. If they drop the pumpkin, they have to start over! Great way to engage the parents.

*Haunted Stage/Maze – I am usually at a school for my event, and I love to turn the stage into a haunted maze. I love when the older kids or middle school teens if you have them in your program or church to decorate the maze and come up with the design. This will give them ownership and more reason to come to the event! If you don’t have a stage, you can use a room and make a maze using cardboard boxes, trash bags, and glow sticks. I have the luxury of using gym mats and some other fun stuff when I am in a school. Keep in mind the ages of kids going through so you don’t make it too scary, or make sure they have a parent with them!

*Tangerine Decorating – Tangerines, what?! Yep, Halloween doesn’t always have to be all about candy. Have a healthy station, and use tangerines to as your pumpkins to decorate. Have sharpie markers and let the kids design a pumpkin for them to take home. They can also eat them!

*Pumpkin Bowling – Use small pumpkins and have bowling pins setup. Kids and parents can use the pumpkin as the bowling ball to win prizes!

*Go Fish! – Setup a wall so the kids can’t see over it! Make a stick with yarn and a clothespin attached to it. Have the child go fish and as the clothespin goes over the wall, have a volunteer or staff member attach a granola bar to the end of the clothespin. Tug on the string, and the child must pull the stick back over to pull off their treat!

Have fun this season and as you attend other events, steal their ideas and make them into your own. You may be looking at my list and say to yourself “None of these are original!” and you know what, besides the greasy pumpkin race you are correct! Find some volunteers to help you, dress up in goofy costumes, and invite/market your event to the community. Happy Halloween!

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