Rock Paper Scissors Remix!

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Rock, Paper, Scissors! A classic game, that most of us played growing up. Classic games don’t have to always stay the same. You can add twists aka remixes, and switch up the rules to make it different! This will keep the participants on their toes and the staff working with the participants extra options when games get stale or boring. I love Rock, Paper, Scissors, Tag with the twist of Dynamite! You can find this game in the resource zone with rules and how to play.

I am not sure where I stole this idea, but someone was leading a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors at a meeting or conference. The facilitator told us that if we lost, we had to cheer on our partner, and the winner would find another person that just won. If you both throw down the same thing, you play again until the tie is broken. Eventually there will be two crowds of people cheering on the last two winners. The championship round is a cool experience, because the two winners and their cheer section square off in the middle of the room and play the best out of three. It is intense if you are playing in front of a bunch of people. I have never won, but always thought it would be so awesome to be in the middle of the room and you have a huge crowd cheering for you! This is a great community builder/game to play at a staff training, group interview, youth group night, or just when you want to get a bunch of people hyped up! This style of playing Rock, Paper, Scissors is great, because everyone is involved regardless of losing and it is really pure luck to make it to the finals. Now you know I love music, so make it extra intense and play the sound clip “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!” and “Boxing Bell” which you can find on Spotify right before they play round one of three!

I have done this activity so many times, and it honestly never gets old. I encourage you to try this activity next time you get a group of people together. I even did this for a corporate staff group one time, and they loved it! We all want to be kids again!

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