Mission Impossible!

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Mission Impossible! This game has nothing to do with the movie, I just love the movie title! If you are looking to teach teamwork and strategy, this is the game for you!

Mission Impossible is basically a fun tag game! It doesn’t need much equipment. It requires music, jerseys/costumes, hula hoops, Jenga blocks, and a bucket! You can do this game outside or inside, as a long as you have a big space. This game is also great for any age group. Oh, and don’t forget to play the Mission Impossible theme while you are playing this! Prepare for participants to say what is Mission Impossible!

The full version of how to play is in the resource zone. Basically, you put out three hula hoops on one side of the field/gym and pick three participants to be taggers. They will need to wear a jersey or something to distinguish them from the other participants. Inside the hula hoops, you will place 3 Jenga blocks in the middle. The taggers are not allowed to step inside the hula hoops, and you will need to leave some space behind the hula hoops for the participants to run behind. The goal of the game is for the participants to get all the Jenga blocks back to the other side and in the bucket without being tagged. If all the Jenga blocks are taken out of the taggers specific hula hoop, he/she must sit inside until the game is over. If a taggers tags a participant, they must go to the jail and the only way to break out is to do either 20 jumping jacks or 20 sit-ups or 20 push-ups! The game is officially over when all the Jenga blocks are gone. I also like to time the game. The team that has the longest game, is the winner! You can remix it, and have all the adults or staff be the taggers to make it super challenging for the participants too.

This game and others are located in the resource zone. Go have fun, and steal this idea!


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