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Tanks is a dodgeball game that is fun to play with all age groups! I love this game because you have to work with a partner to win. Communication is key and it teaches the teams to be patient with each other. I love to play games and add a remix to them. Kids or teens would play dodgeball everyday, so if you are needing to add some excitement, this is the game for you!

Each team has two people. One person is the tank and they get to throw dodgeballs and will be blindfolded. The other person is the driver and will be guiding the tank around the room or field without touching them or pushing them. They must simply communicate with their partner and tell them when to throw, how to move, and help load the tank with another dodgeball. When the facilitator says go, all the tanks move around the room at the same time. When a tank is hit with a dodgeball, the tank is out and they must take their blindfold off and that team is eliminated. The goal of the game is to be the last tank standing.

I have included the full explanation of this game in the resource zone! Please go check this game out and some of the other awesome games that are in there.

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