Jumping Cat!

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I was at a meeting this week, and David Muela one of my good friends and colleagues lead a game called 1,2,3. I decided to call it Jumping Cat! You will see why, as you hear how the game is played. I have never heard of this game, which made me very excited. I love to get out of my seat and move around during a meeting. I asked him where he got this game from, and he said he stole it from a conference he just went to! I told him I would be stealing this, and sharing it on my website! Ideas are never good if they are not shared!

Jumping Cat is a game that you play with a partner. The game starts with an easy round. You say 1, and then your partner says 2, then you say 3, then your partner says 1, and so on. If you laugh or forget what number to say and stumble even for a second, you lose. The next round you say 1, then your partner jumps in the air, then you say 3, your partner says 1, then you jump, and so on. Same thing, whoever forgets or jumps on the wrong number is out. The last round, you say 1, your partner jumps, then you meow like a cat, then your partner says 1, you jump, and so on. Same thing, if you forget or meow when you are supposed to jump, then you are out!

When I played this with my partner, I struggled. It looked very easy when he explained it. This is a fun game to get to know someone! I also enjoy this game because the whole room is locked in with their partner. This creates tons of group control! This game would be recommended for older age groups. Now go jumping cats, it’s time to make someone laugh today!

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