Raise your hand if you have been to a meeting, training, or class? Sometimes depending on your job or stage of life you are in, it can consume you! Skits are a way to make things fun and get people to laugh. It is a way to switch it up and get out of the normal grind of just sitting, watching, and listening to a speaker or slide on a presentation. In youth programs, it is a way to switch it up and have the participants see you in a different light and be goofy. As a former Camp Director, I spent time going over the rules, update for the day, and giving out ribbons for showing good character. I needed and had to do something for the participants to know it’s a fun place to be so the kids and staff didn’t always see me being so serious. So, I would wear a tutu, dance to the Backstreet Boys, or be a cow and moo around the stage.

Life is short and our world needs to laugh more. Do a skit. A skit is basically a small play for the participants. I usually like to have heroes and villains to get the crowd to get mad or cheer. The great thing about a skit is to not overthink it! If you feel like what you wrote down or talked about sounds really dumb, then you may be on to a legendary skit people will talk about years later. The skit I uploaded in this post is basically a silly way to talk about the 25th anniversary of our annual campaign that raises money for scholarships for families in our community. I wanted to include this skit because, regardless if it’s for kids or board members, people love to laugh!

I have not included any skit ideas in the Resource Zone yet, but will add some soon to get your fire started if you need a new idea!

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