ESPN 30 for 30: Block Stack

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What if I told you there was a contest that could entertain a huge group with just blocks and a stool? The blocks are magical. They have the ability to control emotion. It can be extreme excitement and then it can turn to sudden sadness. Taylor Swift couldn’t even write a song about it. I spoke with a camper at a Summer Camp in Nebraska 30 years ago, she said “The blocks went as far as 30 feet into the air, and a bird ended the contest when he grabbed the block and flew away.” Some say that the stack had potential to be the tallest building in the state, we will never know. The power of this contest is incredible. One time at a Young Life camp at Windy Gap, the boys lost the contest and you could hear them crying in Asheville. This intro isn’t real, it is a spoof from 30 for 30 shorts that ESPN does. One thing I am going to do soon, is a spoof around this for staff training! Now back to Block Stack. What is Block Stack exactly? Let me tell you.

Block Stack is a simple contest that involves just two things. Blocks and a stool or table. I like using wooden alphabet blocks. You can find these almost anywhere. The last blocks I bought was at Target! You can match up the girls vs boys or have two teams compete. One time I matched up veteran staff vs rookie staff. The rules of the game are simple. One person goes up and puts the block on the stool. The next person goes up and puts the next block on top. You keep going back and forth until the block stack falls. If you are playing, you can decide to put the block off to the side of the block to help make it move some. The strategy of this game is to not make the stack fall over. I like to play “The Final Countdown” during the contest while the crowd cheers and goes crazy. It is a very simple contest, and is one of my favorite to lead. People really do go crazy when their team wins. I have put Block Stack in the Resource Zone. Go check this out on the website for more ideas to implement and to get your program fired up.

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