Marker Relay!

One time I was working with a wide range of kids and it was a long day. It was also very cold outside, and we needed to do something else, besides the same games we have been playing that week. Charles, someone I have mentioned on this site before always had random ideas. I decided to give marker relay a try! This relay can work for various age groups, and is something you can play inside!

Marker Relay is basically a game where every participant gets a marker with the cap on! The goal of the relay is to take the marker from one end of the gym/room to the other. When you get to the end of the gym/room, the participant must make sure the marker is balanced and doesn’t fall over when they put it down. If it does fall down, they must run back, and maneuver the marker to stay upright. Once the marker is placed on the ground they must run back and tag the next person on their team to run. First team to put all markers down and have a seat quietly wins. You can add in different variations to the relay. Use baskets for the kids to hurdle, run down and run backwards back, skip down and run back, etc…

This is a great relay to build teamwork between various ages, and even a way to designate a captain to motivate the participants other than the staff. Kids and staff love competition, so this gets them pumped up inside on a cold/dreary day.

For more game ideas, check out the Resource Zone located in the menu of this website. Enjoy your weekend and make the most out of this time change and darker evenings!

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