Singing In The Rain!

Image result for singing in the rain
“Singing In The Rain” is one of my all time favorite songs to sing with kids and staff. I think I really enjoy this song because, it’s one of the only songs I can remember all the words and movements to. I really struggle for some reason to remember what to repeat, and do, even though the person is explaining it right in front of me. I have learned that I am not the only person that struggles with this, and if you ever see me in a room with a song other than this one, I can be found doing my own dance movements. I also enjoy this song because I get to say Chitty Bop and Woo like Ric Flair!Image result for ric flair woo
I have included how to sing this song with campers and staff in the Resource Zone. You can add different movements, combine multiple movements, and customize this song to your liking. Whenever I lead a song, I like to get the staff or kids hype aka energized. I will usually start with my hands on my legs and I am crouched down. I will say “READY!” as I take my hands off my legs and raise them in the air while moving my hands back to my legs really quickly. I will do this again, to the crowd to let them know it’s time to sing a song! More songs to come, and hopefully some videos soon showing some of these awesome songs and cheers!

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