Magic Pebble Football

Did you know this pebble was magic? Well, when you are playing Magic Pebble Football it is! I think I may have seen this game on a handout somewhere in a notebook in the late 90’s. The name of the game was really corny (word used in the 90’s) and I knew my campers would love it. We always played tag games, and I wanted a way to put a spin on this game and make it different. One rule of thumb in youth programming is that, if you are starting to get bored, the kids are already bored!

Magic Pebble Football is basically a game where you have two teams. You just need a large outside or indoor space. I prefer outdoors, because it is mass chaos, and less likely to run into a wall. Once you select your two teams, it is important to have a staff or volunteer with each of the two teams to help guide. In the middle of the playing space, put cones up to mark the sides and leave about 3 feet in the middle. The pebble can be any rock you find outside or something that fits in your hand, and doesn’t show when your fist is closed. One team will start and they will huddle up on their side of the field and the other team will huddle up and come up with a strategy to see who they think will get the pebble. The team that has the pebble must break from the huddle and keep their hands closed as they approach the line of cones at midfield. The team without the pebble will line up at the cones prepared to tag the that team. The facilitator will say 3,2,1…then the team must show their hands, once they do they must run back to their side without the person with the pebble being tagged by the other team. If the player is tagged, it’s worth 7 points. If the player doesn’t get tagged it is worth 7 points. You can throw the pebble to a teammate, it must always stay with the player. If a player doesn’t open their hands all the way, and doesn’t show the pebble the other team gets an automatic 7 points. This is why it’s important to have a staff or volunteer with each team. Highest score wins. 7 points is used throughout like a football game. No field goals for those wondering!

Enjoy the magic of the pebble! Stay creative and keep changing up games. No one wants to be bored! Check the Resource Zone for more fun ideas!

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