3 in 1

Did you know that you don’t always have to play kickball? It’s true, games can be switched up! I love kickball, but not every week. Kids and staff feel the same way. Make it fun, and you will have better group control. Staff will be more involved, and more likely to have excitement when explaining the game, since it’s not the same game you played last week!

What is 3 in 1? It is basically a modified version of kickball using 3 items. I like to use a frisbee, football, and a soccer ball. You can mix and match anything, but these three items are fun to me! They are all different sizes, and bounce different once it leaves your hand or foot. You form two teams and one is in the outfield and one is kicking, The team kicking must wait behind cones and away from home plate. The first person on the kicking team comes up and has the option to start with any item they want. If you are in the outfield, you are not allowed to go past the pitcher mound. This will help spread the team out and avoid getting hit with an item. So, for example, if the player at home plate decides to throw the frisbee, kick the soccer ball, and then throw the football, the outfield can’t move until the last item is thrown or kicked. If a player catches a ball and they didn’t move, it’s not an out, they must hold on to the ball until the last item is played. The outfield must work together to get all the items back to home plate and in the laundry basket or something you have to keep all the items together at home plate. While the outfield is working, the player is running the bases getting one point for every base he/she touches. If they make it to home plate they can go back around again earning points until all items have been placed at home plate. 3 players will go per inning and you switch it up. The goal is to earn the most points!

You can find more game ideas in the Resource Zone!

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