Turkey Tail Tag!

With Christmas just days away, why is there a Turkey on your screen? One reason is to grab your attention, and the other reason is to tell you about an awesome game called Turkey Tail Tag! A simple game that only requires mesh jerseys or bandanas, cones, and a space to run around.

A theme in some recent posts, is taking ordinary games and making them different. Tag or freeze tag gets old, spice it up.

In Turkey Tail Tag, everyone needs to put a jersey or bandana behind their back and tuck it into their pants/shorts. It need to show halfway so someone can grab it. Staff will need to facilitate and help make sure all jerseys or bandanas or tucked in the right way. For younger kids, you will need to take extra time to get them started. Once everyone has the “Turkey Tails” tucked, they must all find a spot to stand/start. Once you say go everyone will run around the room trying to pull the “Turkey Tail” out. Once it’s pulled, they must stand on their jersey/bandana, and try to pull others as they run by. If they pull it, that person is out too. The purpose of the game is to be the last person standing!

Some simple ground rules…

1. You can team up to get a “Turkey Tail” pulled.

2. You can’t hold your tail while running or defending.

3. You can’t grab a “Turkey Tail” if your feet come off your jersey/bandana. You must stay on, as tough as it can be when you are just finger tips away.

4. If it’s down to a few people, you can do a countdown to make the game go faster. You can also say hop on one leg. If you put both feet down you are out too.

That’s pretty much it!

Definitely play music during this game. You can find songs on the DJ Playlist, and more game ideas in the Resource Zone.

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