Never Enough Time…

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We are in that time of the year, where there is never enough time. In life or in work, we are always moving from one task to the next. When it comes to innovation or doing something new, we often fall back to, “I don’t have enough time”. I can admit, I don’t always take time to reflect and pause. I don’t take a breath and look for resources, or talk to others to make my job easier. I have even just done what I know year to year, because it’s easier that way, and I have to keep moving at a fast pace. As I type this, I think, why do I make it harder on myself? I think sometimes ego, and being complacent can hurt your program. I have pushed myself, and others I lead to keep sharing and looking/utilizing ideas we see or hear. It’s about to be 2018, dynamics change, are you keeping up, and staying relevant?

“Awesome Advice” Ice Breaker

I was at a meeting recently, and Yo (A Co-Worker) asked us to write down one piece of advice we would give someone on a post it note. After you write down, your advice, post it on the wall. Once everyone, has posted there advice up, you must grab something that speaks to you at the moment. Then everyone around the room, shares what they grabbed. Sometimes natural discussion can occur, or you can ask questions around what you hear to get people to talk. I love this ice breaker, because it made you take time to think and then share with others.

As we head into 2018, take a look around and take time to pause and reflect. As a plug for my website, use it as a resource. Share an idea to my email and I will post it. About 90 percent of the ideas on my website and things I do in my job are stolen from other people! We all need to learn from each other, and make 2018 easier. There is really never enough time! So, help each other instead of sitting at your computer for hours, or doing the same things over and over with your team.


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