Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

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Phones, technology, and video games have changed the way we communicate and work together. Communication break downs are becoming more common, because we stare at a screen all day, send a text/email instead of calling, or we just keep to ourselves. I have fallen in this trap, because it is easier or it is a way to just avoid a potential conflict. We need to work together more, and actually talk! I know that sounds crazy, but it is really true as we head into 2018.  I have mentioned in an earlier post, that I love awkward. Awkward helps us get out of our comfort zones, meet new people, and explore new emotions. This game called “Design Team” is a great way to get people to work together, and communicate even if they don’t want to.

To facilitate Design Team, you must divide the group into two teams. This game works great with any age group. I think it is perfect for elementary aged kids, but have found fun and new things to do with older age groups too. It is your choice! After you have split the two teams, and put them on opposite sides of the room, it is your turn to explain the game and points they can earn. I usually start slow, and have them make a number. So tell the teams, you must make the number “3” only using your bodies. The fastest team to do this wins a point. In the 2nd round, you can do a letter. In the 3rd round, you can do two numbers like “17”. You can keep getting tougher depending on age group and how much time you have. Add in some rounds of making something like an airplane, ship, car, train, etc. When you do this kind of round, make sure the groups understand they have 5 minutes, speed doesn’t matter, creativity does. I love this part of the activity, because you will see some cool stuff, and sometimes leaders will emerge. Give Design Team a try! Check out more games in the Resource Zone!

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