DSC06751Happy New Year everyone! I have an awesome activity to do with any age group. It is called Breakdown. This will secretly get you working out, and dancing as well. So if you are in to New Year’s resolutions, and this was on your list, I have you covered for 2018. Breakdown is simply just an activity that gets all participants moving and dancing to music. I like to picture myself as a group fitness instructor and DJ at the same time. The great part of working with youth, is that you can literally be whoever you want to be on any given day.

To facilitate Breakdown, you will need music and group of people. There are two ways that I have lead Breakdown. You can lead this by yourself, or you can ask for volunteers to help you with the exercises and dances. I am going to list my moves and some of my favorite song choices. If you don’t like Justin Bieber, I will make you a Belieber if you go through Breakdown with me one day. One of my favorite ways to utilize Breakdown is during the start of Summer Day Camp each day for about 5 minutes. The morning is a great time to do this as the staff and participants are tired, and will get them wide awake and ready to start the day.

One of my playlist with exercises…

Start with Justin Bieber “Never Say Never”, Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble”, One Direction “Live While We’re Young” and Taio Cruz “Dynamite”

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Run In Place
  3. Climb The Ladder – Pretend you are climbing up a ladder, and you are climbing down the ladder. You can say slow motion, and go really slow, then speed back up.
  4. Push Ups
  5. Shuffle your feet side to side to one side of the room and clap. Shuffle your feet to the other side of the room and clap. Really goofy, but fun to see staff and participants trying to keep up.
  6. Hop in place in a circle
  7. Mow The Grass – Pretend you are cranking lawnmower 2 times, then on the 3rd crank pretend to push mow all around the room. It is pure chaos with people going everywhere, but bring it back together….
  8. Put Your Hands over your face like peek a boo, then put your hands in the air, and basically a quick game of do what you do
  9. Sit ups
  10. Washing Machines (Bend forward, bend to the left, bend backwards, bend to the right.)
  11. Matrix (Bend backwards slowly. Then pop back up.
  12. I finish back up with jumping jacks and then say freeze, and say great job. Then everyone will take a seat and get ready for the next part of the day.

If you have people to volunteer, they can lead anything they would like, just remind them to keep the movements/dances different.

Shout out to Joe Peele who currently works with the Northwest YMCA now and first showed me how to do Breakdown back in 1999! His playlist included Starship – We Built This City, Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride, and Eye of The Tiger. 2018 and still going strong my friend!

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