Everyone likes to get messy right? Well your campers do! When your face smells like whipped cream and chocolate, and its almost 100 outside, all you can say is, “It’s For The Kids!” I have learned that I can get a gym full of about 300 campers and staff quiet, when it’s time to get volunteers for our pie in the face or sundae on the face incentive. People love to see this, I mean how many times have you looked at that photo to see if you can see the counselor’s face?

Incentive programs are fun for the kids and even the staff. The campers or participants will run to their car saying, “Mom you will never believe what happened at camp today” or “I love my counselors, they are the best!”. There are several ways to make incentive programs involving messy things like whipped cream or sprinkles effective.

You can utilize incentive programs for camper of the week, huddle of the month for after school programs, or prize wheels. Camper of the week is a fun way to recognize and make campers show good character not just on a Tuesday, but throughout the week.  The camper of the week gets to participate in doing the pie in the face. Huddle of the month, is having the age group (2nd/3rd graders) that earned the most points for showing good character get to pie their counselors in the face, and you can have them draw tickets to see who gets to do that. Prize wheels are fun, because you can instantly pick someone in the crowd that is doing a good job listening to spin the wheel, and if it lands on sundae on the face, that camper gets to pick the counselor.

You can utilize sprinkles and whipped cream for staff birthdays, a staff members’ last day, or the loser of that contest gets messy. The kids love to be helpers, see the staff having fun, and also if you are a Director/Supervisor, it puts you in front of the kids having fun, and not being serious.

Kids/Teens/Staff and honestly anyone loves to just smile and have fun. Create that environment, and space at your program. Even if you only have a hour with them, make time for SPRINKLES! You can find more fun ideas in the Resource Zone!

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