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Woah Baby! Ahh, good ol Michelle Tanner. No matter how old you are, it is cool when you have that WOW moment . What is WOW programming? Memorable programming that is well thought out, creative, new to the participants, teaches some sort of skill, fun, and well executed by the staff.

  • WOW programming = Always 1 percent better.
  • It’s okay to be competitive – to want to be the best and make sure your programs and your ideas, the BEST!
  • You have to be okay with stealing other people’s ideas – make them 1 percent better and use them as your own. You must continue to raise the standard.
  • WOW programming takes time and pre-planning. It doesn’t just happen.
  • Its not off-the-cuff, funny, creative stuff; it’s intentionally planned out exceptional program components.

Top 11 reasons why we must WOW program:

  1. It’s just more fun!
  2. It’s your job!
  3. Quality of program
  4. Engagement: both parents and kids
  5. It helps us impact kids
  6. Supports enrollment
  7. Decreases discipline
  8. Staff retention
  9. Increases parent involvement and communication
  10. Gives school administration or the community something to brag about
  11. Career development

Top 9 Perceived Blockers to WOW programming:

  1. Time Management: “I have just got too much to do! Don’t add something else!”
  2. Too many components: There are already too many things to fit in, program starts later, new staff, etc..”
  3. Budget: “But you keep talking about numbers: I just don’t have the money to pour into this!”
  4. Staff: “I only have so many staff to do so many things!”
  5. Program Space: “Space is limited. I already juggle between homework, snack, bus/carpool, members, etc..”
  6. Transportation: “Transportation is impossible! School arrivals and no accessibility to transport for programming needs.”
  7. Program length: We have a short day already!”
  8. Lazy: “This is what we’ve always done, and its going great here – why switch it up?”
  9. Not being present! “My staff say they are adding the Wow everyday.”

As we move into 2018, continue to challenge yourself. The purpose of this website is for stealing and sharing ideas. Don’t just play dodgeball, or go to the playground everyday. We all need that Michelle Tanner WOW moment.

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