Cosmic Dodgeball

Have you ever played Dodgeball in the dark? Welcome to Cosmic Dodgeball. Now, you may be thinking, how long until someone gets their nose broken or glasses shattered? You are not playing with all the lights off! The balls you will use are glow in the dark and you can use Christmas lights to line the court/boundaries or Black Lights and fun colored lights pictured below…

Image result for cosmic dodgeball

Have your participants wear white shirts, socks, and fun shorts that reflect. The goal is to change the way you play dodgeball. Kids, Teens, and Staff love change. Simple changes like these to basic games can make your program on fire. You definitely want to add in a DJ, you can hire one, or delegate to an awesome person to do it. The atmosphere for the game makes this even more fun. Go all out, have fun, and remember don’t play this in the pitch black!

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