Music Outside? Yes, steal and replicate!

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine of doing something the same way over and over! It happens in life, and in work. Recently a school near our home posted a video of teachers dancing during carpool to “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. They do this on Friday’s to put a smile on the kids, and parent’s faces as they head into the weekend. A great idea, and something we have been doing for several years at our summer day camp program. When we first started doing music outside, we started this for our own entertainment at first, because every morning at 7:00am we would be exhausted! The kids and parents were yawning. The campers were walking in with their head down. We had to make it FUN, and as you have seen throughout my posts, music is KEY! Add in some costumes like a dancing banana or a tutu and wig, and you will have them laughing! Life is short and days are long so do whatever you can to make it interesting.

Some of the comments on the post from our local school were awesome! Then of course some other teachers or parents decided to be negative and say “Other schools have done this before, I am not sure why they are getting all this attention?” These comments and thoughts are ridiculous. This is why I created this page. Teachers and anyone who works with children/teens know, we all steal ideas from each other. That’s what make our schools, youth programs, and camps. Just because someone did something awesome, doesn’t mean we should not try to replicate. Our programs deserve the best, and the kids, parents, and staff need FUN! So go steal ideas! I have some awesome stuff on here that I will keep adding for you. I tell everyone 90 percent of what I do is stolen from someone else. No shame, or hiding, I want to have the best programs.

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