Toothpaste Devotion

toothpaste tube

Summer Camp 2018 is coming fast! I will be sharing tons of ideas to get you ready. One of my favorite devotions is the Toothpaste devotion, and it is great to use with staff or kids. Simple, and has a great message. I also love that it teaches respect, and how it is important to think before you speak. A great way to set the tone or hold expectations for your group. More ideas are located at the Resource Zone!

What you need:

  1. Tube of toothpaste
  2. Paper plate or paper towel

 Start by picking out one volunteer. Have the volunteer come up and tell them you need their help. Have them squeeze all of the toothpaste out of the tube onto the plate or paper towel. Once they are done, then you tell them to put the toothpaste back into the tube. They might say impossible, but still have them try to get it back in. Once you give them some time to try, you can call someone else back up to see if they can do it. Explain that the purpose of this devotion is to show you that when we say something mean or hurtful, it is hard to take those things back. We need to be nice to one another, because the things you say even if you are joking can hurt someone.

 Questions for group…

  1. Have you ever said something mean and what happened?
  2. Have you ever joked around and it didn’t go the way you wanted?

This is an old school devotion, there are other ways to explain, ask questions, etc. Feel free to modify!

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