World Cup!

Image result for world cup brazil bebeto

World Cup is an awesome soccer game that you can play with a partner! The perfect game for older kids in elementary school, middle school, and staff. All you need is a soccer ball, soccer goal or two cones to make the goal. You will be all set to entertain a group of kids or staff. Pictured above is one of my favorite soccer players Bebeto from Brazil. I remember first playing this game as a child in soccer practice. It was fun way to work together and just have fun. I love bringing back games from my childhood to the kids or people I work with.

How do you actually play this game? Have all the kids pick a partner. Once they pick a partner, have them pick another partner. One of my favorite strategies to switch things up and make sure they are not always with the same person. Each pair of partners will be competing against each other. Have the staff member as the goalie, and the other staff member kicks the ball out. All the kids run from the goal line to get the ball. Once a team scores a goal, they sit off to the side until the next round. The game continues until only one team is left who hasn’t scored. That team is eliminated, and the other teams compete in round 2. The team that is out, can practice with a staff member passing in a circle, and or shooting on another goal. One team is eliminated each round. The game continues until there are only 2 teams left. Who ever scores first in the final round is the World Cup Champion.

More games and ideas are located in the Resource Zone!

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