Lasso! Learn A New Skill!


Relay For Life is an awesome community event in our town to help raise awareness to find a cure for cancer. In sticking with the western theme, I wanted to find a fun game for kids, teens, and adults. With many things, I decided to go to Amazon for some ideas. In North Carolina, and outside the Triangle area, I am not sure many people know how to lasso! I have never used a lasso before, so I was ready to give it a try! I am not very good, but it was fun to show people and have them try as they walked around the event. I can’t wait to use this at Summer Camp as well. I love trying new things, and exposing people especially kids to try something different. I have listed below what I bought in case you would like to try Lasso this Summer. If you are from the Midwest and are reading this, I am sure you may be laughing at how excited we are in North Carolina about this!

On Amazon search this below…

Kids Lasso Lariat Rope with Jr. Steer Head

I also bought 4 hay bales from Home Depot. All together it is about $100 to do lasso! Even if you don’t have a Western theme planned, give it a try in a clinic! More fun ideas in the Resource Zone at


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