The Big Shot!

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As Summer quickly approaches, and this big rain storm we just had, you may be looking for a fun game to play with kids. The Big Shot is it! It is an awesome game that involves just a few supplies, and can entertain kids for a long time. You will just need bean bags or small gator dodge balls and a few buckets. If you have a group of 24 kids, I would suggest making 6 teams of 4. Here is a how you play…

  1. Each team will sit in a line behind the starting line. 3 players will be in the line, and the other player will need to be sitting behind their bucket as the helper.
  2. When the facilitator says “Go”, each player will shoot sitting down to their own bucket. If they miss, the helper must slide or throw the bean bag or ball back to his teammate.
  3. When the player hits their shot, the next person in line slides up and the player that hit the shot, goes to the back of the line.
  4. Once all three members of the team hits their shots, that team will be declared the winner. The next teams will still be playing for 2nd and 3rd place.
  5. 4 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, and 1 point for 3rd place.
  6. Keep a scoreboard, and the highest scoring team will be the National Champ!

This game is just a fun game to play inside on those hot or rainy days. There is also a huge value on teamwork to win this game. I love to see the kids come together and cheer each other on. One person can’t win this game, and anyone can play!

Check out The Resource Zone for more great ideas!

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