Three Minutes At A Time

Everybody Always

I have never been much of a reader, unless I had to because of a school assignment. There have been books I have been drawn to when I graduated from college, and I would find time to read if I was at the beach, but never been that consistent. This book called “Everybody Always” by Bob Goff has pulled me in during a time when I really needed it. With so much going on day to day, it has forced me to take time to stay still, and be quiet. This site is mainly dedicated to new program ideas, but I am finding that unless you are staying grounded as a leader, you can’t really execute those programs effectively. I often hear people say and including myself “I don’t have time to read!” or “I am not a book person.” Well, between scrolling through your phone, you are a book person. Just like with the gym, if you make the time, you can exercise your mind and feel much better!

So let me pull you into Chapter 12. If you haven’t read this book, spoiler alert, I am going to talk about this chapter briefly, and how it has challenged me. Let me start with saying honestly, I am horrible with names. It could be that I am very excitable, I don’t always listen the best, or I am thinking about saying my name back to you! In this chapter, Bob  uses this quote “Friendships can last a lifetime, but we make them three minutes at a time.” I often take things for granted. I am in a job, where I literally talk to different people all day long. I am guilty of passing by, and not taking the time. I think I do this because, I don’t think I am going to really have a deep impact with someone by the casual “Hello” and “You Doing Good?”. Bob teaches you in this chapter to slow down and take the time. The “Hello” leads to more conversation, and then more conversation, and then in some cases a real friendship. It may sound cheesy, but in the world of looking down at screens all the time, how often do we really talk to people? Do we really listen? I am guilty of this and you may be to. Bob ends up making a relationship with a TSA agent in the airport that he passed by all the time. He saw this person all the time, but never really took the time to learn about him. Everyone treated him like a robot. It was cool to see how the relationship grew between Bob, and this TSA agent just by simply starting with introducing himself, and thanking him for the work he is doing. What a challenge for us in life to say thank you more and to get to know people better. If you are working with kids, staff, or people in general, don’t treat them like a robot. Smile, greet them with a hug, say I appreciate you. We never really know what is going on with someone until you take the time. Life is short, take three minutes at a time!

You can find more ideas in The Resource Zone and Devotions to share with campers, teens, and staff! I also have some other cool books, videos, and quotes in the Leadership Tools section!

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