4 Corners

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Hey everyone! I am back! Camp Trainings and Summer Camp getting started up has kept me busy. I am hoping you are having an awesome Summer so far.

Four Corners is not just something Dean Smith and UNC did on the basketball court. It is also an awesome game to play inside or outside. For this game, you don’t need any equipment, just an open space. To play Four Corners, give each corner of the room a number. Choose one player to be it, and he/she stands in the middle of the room, closes their eyes, and counts out loud to 10. All the remaining players run around the room quietly, and pick a corner within the 10 seconds to stand in. After the person counts to 10, they yell out one of the corner numbers. Whoever is in that corner is out. The last person left in is the winner, and the new counter. Pretty simple!

A great way to remix this game… Do 4 corners again, but have color hula hoops and name them different animals. Giraffes, Cows, Dogs, and Cats. The counselor will say Dogs switch with cats. The person in the middle must tag the people as they run across or side to side.

More fun games and ideas listed in the resource zone! Happy Summer 18!


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