Samurai Tag!

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Tag games are fun to play outside or inside! When you hear tag, you probably think just touching someone, and they get out. That is tag, but Samurai Tag is a great way to change it up, and have some jobs for participants as well. Six to Seven people in this game have a job at all times! Tons of things happening for those participants that can get bored easily or want to be a leader in every game you play.

Let’ start with equipment. In this game, you will need two pillo polo sticks or two pool noodles to tag the participants. If you have a large group, it may be useful to have three pillo polo sticks or noodles, and these people are the Samurai’s! If the Samurai tags a player with their sword, the player is frozen, as in freeze tag. Designate two of the balls (footballs) to be magical defrosters. If a player throws a defroster ball to a frozen player and the frozen player catches it, he/she is unfrozen. Any player can throw a defroster. Designate two of the other balls to be power changers (playground balls). If a player hits a Samurai with the power changer, the Samurai is frozen and gives his/her sword to the player that hit him/her creating a new Samurai. The old Samurai gets unfrozen by catching a defroster and becomes a regular player unless he/she gets a power changer ball and hits the Samurai. Head shots do not count, this will help maintain safety.

The only way this game ends is if the Samurai’s tagged everyone. Another way is to eliminate the defroster balls and when everyone is frozen, the game is over. Otherwise, play until it wears everyone out, our you have a time limit, and stop when time is up. Make sure field boundaries or room boundaries are very clear! You definitely need at least one staff or facilitator to be a referee to make sure participants are being honest, and playing by the rules. This game does get competitive! More game ideas are located in the Resource Zone!

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