Sanctuary Soccer!

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Soccer is a fun sport and game to play with kids and staff. Sanctuary Soccer is a fun twist on this game! This has been around for a long time, it was actually one of the first games I played as a counselor back in 1999. Sanctuary Soccer teaches teamwork and strategy. One person can’t win this game, and there are many jobs for kids and staff to have while playing this game. Sometimes soccer can get labeled as a boring sport, and this style of game changes it up for the participant that has played soccer a ton or just wants variety in the activities they are playing.

To play Sanctuary Soccer, you will need to split the kids into 2 teams. Set 4 cones on each side of the field. You will play soccer the same way you usually play soccer except instead of shooting on the goal, you will have to knock down the cones down. The first team to knock all 4 cones down on their opponents side wins. Players are allowed to block cones, as long as they are not standing on the actual cone. You can play this game with one soccer ball, or multiple soccer balls. I prefer 2-3 soccer balls to keep the action moving, and no one is able to stand around and get bored.

It is a great idea to change up the activities! Not just for the kids, but for the staff that lead these games. This will help with behavior, and also teaches skill development. Most kids have played soccer, but have they played Sanctuary Soccer? More game ideas are located in the Resource Zone.


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