Duck, Duck, Animal!

Image result for running dog cartoon

We have all probably heard of the game Duck, Duck, Goose! When you think about your childhood, this game has to fall in the top ten most played. Silent Ball, Tag, Kickball, and Dodgeball are others that come to mind. If you go to the resource zone on this website, you will find many variations of these old school classics. The Duck, Duck, Animal game was something I played back in the day as a counselor. A great game, because it changes up the normal way, but also gets kids to use their imagination, and laugh! It is a pretty fun sight to see 20 laughing 1st graders or staff that are old and “too cool”. Yes, you don’t have to be little to play this game, you can be older. I recommend using this as an ice breaker at a staff meeting or a staff training too. So here is how you play…

You will need the group to form a circle. Choose one volunteer to go first. The player will walk around the circle and say duck to every player until he/she gets to the player he/she chooses. He/She will then say the name of an animal when he/she touches their head. They will then run around the circle making the noise and using any movements they want as they run around the circle to avoid being tagged. Just like in Duck, Duck, Goose the player must make it around the circle, and sits down without getting tagged. If the player gets tagged, the person now has to sit in the middle of the circle, and the tagger now gets to be in charge. He/she will go around the circle again, and think of a different animal to use. I have seen players do simple things like a cow and moo around the circle, and I have seen players say barking raptor, and they bark and pull their arms up to replicate the short arms of a raptor. There are tons of animals to choose from, and you can combine animals. The goal of this game is to make it funny, and to change it up from just the simple version of Duck, Duck, Goose! Have fun!

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