Paper Airplane Contest

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Some recent posts have me in an old school mindset for games and activities lately. Paper Airplanes are another example of an activity that works with any age group, and requires very little supplies. If you are trying to beat the heat, this is a great game to do inside! I also love contests that can get people using their hands and creating strategy.

In this Paper Airplane contest, you will need masking tape, paper, and a pen. Start out by having all the participants grabbing a sheet of paper. I love creativity, and for people to understand that it is ok to make mistakes. So the more paper thrown away the better. Each contestant is only allowed a small piece of masking tape to do with as they choose. Give the participants a certain amount of time, and then start your official contest at the “Runway!”. Once all the participants have made their airplanes, have them sit behind your runway and wait for instruction. Each participant gets one throw. They must be approach your “Runway” and keep feet behind the starting line. If they cross the starting line, they are given one more chance to throw. Your runway should look like an actual runway, have your participants sit on both sides so they can see the planes in the air. On the sides of the runway, use your pen to mark off distances.  This will help you clearly judge, and the participants can see what is going on as well. Also, put a piece of tape down on the runway with the initials of the person who threw it. The farthest distance will be the winner. I also have fun awards for fastest plane, craziest flight, and the fan favorite award for “coolest plane”.

Keep in mind as you do this contest, there are participants that will struggle on making a plane, find ways to incorporate them. Maybe they help you make the Runway, they help with judging, something to keep everyone engaged is the idea. This contest can last a hour if done correctly, and with the mindset of everyone has something to do.

More ideas are located in the resource zone! Now go take flight!

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