I Spy!

Image result for sherlock holmes cartoon

Contests are a great way to entertain a big group of  kids or staff. “I Spy” is an old school contest that is one of my favorites. I love this contest because it doesn’t require any equipment, and can last for a long time. Perfect for those hot July days or those cold days in January. “I Spy” builds confidence, and public speaking skills for the kids. They get to be in charge of the group by standing in front of them, and calling on their peers.

Here is how to play I Spy! Pick one person to come up to the front of the room. They will pick an object around the room, and then say “I spy something________” and say the color that the object is. The rest of the players will look around the room and try to guess the object. The player that guesses the object will be the next person to come up front.

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