1 Year Celebration and Beach Bingo!

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Hey Everyone! Today marks the 1 year anniversary of this website. When I initially started this last year, I was a little hesitant. I have had an idea of sharing resources and creating a website for the last few years, but I was nervous about being able to keep this going. This is just a hobby, and a way to help others. I am happy to say, I have been able to create at least one post a week, and upload tons of resources that are able to be printed, and shared across the world. So far this website has had 917 unique visitors and 1,904 page views. The page views have come from 14 different countries so far. Two conferences that work with youth have told me they shared this website to their participants, and I have received fun messages from time to time saying how this website has helped them!

I am a competitive person so I wish this site had more visitors and views for the 1st year, but I am determined to continue to spread the word about this website. Thank you to all my friends for sharing this page, and helping share with others. If you haven’t yet, please follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For this celebration post, I have added Beach Bingo to the resource zone. Bingo is a simple game, and often overlooked in youth programs. I have created a unique twist to this game to make this even more fun to play, and make it memorable. Beach Bingo is basically playing the game of Bingo, but instead of sitting at tables, sit on beach towels or inside baby pools! Let the participants wear leis, and theme it up like you are sitting on a beach or at a fun resort in the middle of the Caribbean. Kids love this game because you can win prizes, and staff love this game because it gets the kids engaged and this makes their job even easier. I love to incorporate Bingo as a family event as well. Tell the families ahead of time to wear bathing suits, bring beach chairs, baby pools, towels, and come for a fun time. A very easy thing to plan. I also use Cheerio’s as the game pieces, and use boards/cards that I order from Amazon or S&S. If you are looking to find something different to do while the kids are waiting to get picked up by their parents, do BINGO once a month, and invite the parents to come in and play. Bingo definitely works if you have cool prizes, so get some fun stuff from Five and Below, Dollar Store, and create unique prizes like a snack party for your group or “you get to be in charge of the program for one day” pass. Creativity and working with a budget is a reality so have fun.

More ideas in the Resource Zone! Thanks for stopping by and celebrating with me today!

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